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Before and After Pictures from Winnipeg
Steps before and after

Steps before and after

Before After
Steps before and after Steps before and after

We lifted this client's steps back up to level again!

Sidewalk Before and After

Sidewalk Before and After

Before After
Sidewalk Before and After Sidewalk Before and After

We lifted the customer's sidewalk back up to where it was when it was poured. The step height is once again what it is supposed to be.

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk

Before After
Concrete Sidewalk Concrete Sidewalk

Winnipeg, MB's Concrete Repair Contractor

Winnipeg’s expert concrete leveling & repair contractor

Sinking, cracked, and damaged concrete slabs can be a hazard to you and your loved ones. Not only can damaged concrete slabs lead to unnecessary injuries, but they can also lower your property’s curb appeal. When fixing concrete slabs, only trust expert contractors.

Luckily, your trusted experts in Winnipeg can help. At Sentry Concrete Solutions, we only use proven solutions to offer quality results to your home or commercial building’s concrete slab issues.

Our concrete repairs include:

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro® cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro® concrete sealant
  • Commercial concrete repair
  • Pool deck repair
  • Driveway repair
  • Sidewalk repair
  • And More!

PolyLevel® concrete leveling

Sinking concrete slabs can cause more problems than you think. Not only can they do damage your property's image and curb appeal, but they can also lead to unnecessary injuries. To ensure these problems never happen, contact Sentry Concrete Solutions about PolyLevel® concrete leveling.

While most contractors recommend outdated, expensive, and faulty repair services, like mudjacking or concrete replacement, we offer PolyLevel® – a concrete Leveling solution lets you keep your current slabs and installs quickly with no mess.

Why choose PolyLevel® concrete leveling:

  • Fast-acting
  • Quick, non-invasive installation process
  • Offers accurate, dependable results
  • Adjustable for loads of all sizes

From pool decks to driveways, our experts are ready to help your concrete slabs look as good as new. To learn more about our PolyLevel® solution, contact your local Winnipeg concrete leveling professionals today!

NexusPro® cracked concrete repairs

Have cracked concrete slabs that need a trusted, reliable solution? Sentry Concrete Solutions offers a long-lasting solution that is durable, flexible, and can stand up against harsh weather conditions.

Advantages of NexusPro® cracked concrete repair:

  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • UV resistant
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Prevents drying, cracking, and bubbling

Reach out to your local cracked concrete repair expert in Winnipeg today for a free service estimate!

SealantPro® concrete sealing

If your slabs experience frequent water damage, crack and flake easily, or are discolored and stained, your concrete slabs are most likely unsealed. Unsealed concrete is more susceptible to moisture damage and discoloring due to its porous features. To combat these issues, Sentry Concrete Solutions offers SealantPro® concrete sealing. With SealantPro®, your concrete will have an extra layer of protection, letting you enjoy your beautiful concrete for 3 to 5 times longer!

Other advantages of SealantPro® concrete sealing include:

  • Versatility: can be applied on both newly installed and existing concrete
  • Protection: defends against damage, water damage, and UV rays
  • Cost-effective costs less over time since it does not need to be reapplied

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Sentry Concrete Solutions offers free estimates for all concrete leveling and repair services. Contact your concrete repair experts in Winnipeg today to get started!

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