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Self-Leveling Concrete Repair in Winnipeg, Winkler, Altona & Nearby

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Self-Leveling Concrete & Sagging Floor Repair in Winkler

We provide quick and effective sagging floor repairs with self-leveling concrete!

While Polylevel® is often a great way to fix settled and uneven floors, there are times when we need to use other methods. Sentry Concrete Solutions also provides self-leveling concrete over the top of sagging floors. Benefits of floor repair with self-leveling concrete include:

  • Self-leveling concrete is more cost-effective and less messy than a total floor replacement
  • Self-leveling concrete is compatible with most flooring types
  • Most times, this sagging floor repair method is ready for use in just 1 day
  • Self-leveling concrete projects come with a 1-year craftsmanship warranty!

Does your home have uneven, sagging floors? Get a free estimate on self-leveling concrete repairs with Sentry Concrete Solutions today. We serve Manitoba areas in Balmoral, Winnipeg, Winkler, Brandon, and nearby.

Causes of sagging floors

There are several causes of uneven, cracked concrete floors:

  • Settling soils: When the slab sinks into voids as the soil under the floor settles, this leads to cracked concrete and uneven surfaces.
  • Heaving: Heaving is when the moisture content in the soil changes, causing the clay soil, prevalent in the Winnipeg area, to swell, putting undue pressure on the concrete basement floor. This will lead to sagging, cracked concrete.

In most cases, we can fix these problems easily. When lifting a section of or the entire floor with the PolyLevel® injection system is not an option, we can install a layer of self-leveling concrete on the affected areas.

Why hire a professional for self-leveling concrete

Self-Leveling Concrete Repair in Winnipeg

Most self-leveling concrete repairs are completed in 1 day.

Installing self-leveling concrete may look easy, but it requires knowledge and expertise to apply it correctly and efficiently. There are numerous variables that can impact the finished product, such as:

  • The depth of concrete required
  • The size of the area that needs self-leveling concrete repairs
  • What type of floor covering is going to go on the concrete
  • Knowing how to mix the precise consistency of the self-leveling concrete in order to work properly

Benefits of self-leveling concrete with us:

Can't use PolyLevel concrete leveling for your settled, uneven slabs? Let the experts take care of your sagging floor repair project while you relax! We ensure lasting, precise results every time.

  • Self-leveling concrete comes with a 1-year craftsmanship warranty
  • More cost-effective & less messy than complete floor replacement
  • Self-leveling concrete is compatible with most flooring types
  • Most sagging floor repairs are completed in 1 day

Get a free self-leveling concrete estimate

Sentry Concrete Solutions can help you with your next sagging floor repair project. Click below or call 1-844-588-1128 to get a free self-leveling concrete estimate. We serve Manitoba areas throughout Brandon, Balmoral, Lockport, Marquette, Saint Claude, Morris, Carman, Winnipeg, Winkler, Altona, and nearby.

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